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English. Homework

Read the text and translate,make questions
.Improve your grammar: 1,2,3

Exercise 1
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English. homework


  1. When did you start school? Do you remember your first day?
    I start school in Mkhitar Sebastatsi educomplex. I remember my first day, I was very happy and curly. I thouth that it was be very happy and remembery.
  2. How far do you have to travel from home to school? How do you get to school?
    From home to my school is 4-5minutes. I get up half past seven and make to school.
  3. Do you enjoy school life? What did you like and dislike about it?
    I love my school very very very much and my class too. I like all in my school and I pround that I student for mskh.
  4. Who is your favorite teacher? What do you remember about him or her?
    My favorite teacher is Miss Ashghen. Now she doesn’t work in educomplex but I remember her and I love her very much.
  5. What is your favorite subject at school? Why?
    I like all subjects at school, because they all are very funny and that all we must know.
  6. Do you have to wear a uniform to school?
    No, I wear my today clothes and go to school, in our school don’t have a uniform.
  7. How many children are there in your class? What is the best number of students for a class?
    In our class have 29 child.
  8. What do you and your classmates do during your lunch break?
    We play and eat with all our class.
  9. Is there bullying at your school?
  10. Do you get a lot of homework? Do you think it helped you learn?
    No, I don’t have many homework, and I think that is true. 
  11. How much sport do you do at school? Is sport important for school kids?
    In our school has 9 sport and it is very craisy.
  12. When students behave badly, how are they punished at your school?
  13. What do you think about physical punishment? Is it effective?
  14. Did you ever skip school? What did you do instead of going to school?
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My Hobby

Hello, I’m Ofelia, I’m 11 years old. Today I am going to speak about my hobbies. I have got a lot of hobbies. The strangest hobby is speaking to myself. When I am alone I start speaking on my own. Usually I start telling different stories to myself, I discuss various topics related to my classmates and my school. My another hobby is dancing. I love mixing different dances like Armenian together with Georgian or Russian hand elements together with Georgian feet elements. I also enjoy dancing Greek and Latin American dances. My next hobby is design and composing. When I feel tired and stressed I like to make something by myself. It can be a nice box or a bracelet or presents for my family and relatives. It helps me to relax. I also like expressing my thoughts and ideas on different important topics, that’s to say I like writing essays. I write poems, too. My favourite poets are Paruyr Sevak and Vahan Teryan.