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Short text for New 2021 Year!

There are a few days left for the New year. In this year my wishes for New Year is not very big and wonderful. I don’t know why I don’t wait Xmas. But I wait new 2021 year. I have lot’s of dreams and wishes for new 2021 year. I want that in New Year we all will be happy. That all children eyes will filled with happy tears. That won’t be wars and fights. And I want that all dreams come true. I have lot’s of purpose for 2021. Further year I’ll started to do sport exercises and go sport complex, I want have a press and I do and will do everything for this. I want to write my book too. I’ll write about my life, about my dreams and about a life laws. But it’s in progress. I want to be very carefully and cleverer than now. Because I have dream map and in my map there a square and in this square I write that I want to be cleverer too. I want to open my online shop or my scrub’s shop:) In home I make scrubs and try it in me! And I want to sell it. But my the biggest dream is, that in new 2021’s Xmas I wait Xmas with a big miracle! Happy Xmas.

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I’am Sebastatsi

Hi, I’m Ofelya and I student of Mkhitar Sebastatci educomplex and I am Sebastatsi. I am in 8 grade and I study in Middle school. I like my school very much, because my school is the most different school in the earth. In my school are very kind and beauty, they smile with us. Our teachers can understand us and they don’t angry in us for nothing. We have got nice and fun school too. Our school is so beautiful and interesting that we don’t boring there. Our school do wine, dried fructies, somrthing of clay, lots of statues and lots of plants. Every friday we organized concerts and showes. My brother study in Mskh too, he is 4grade, he likes his school too. I love my school and me very much!!

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English. Homework. 17.11.2020

November 9-20
English in mind, pages 25-29

A Marathon, Sports

1. a race in which people run on roads over a distance of 42 kilometres or about 26 miles
2. an activity that takes a long time to complete and needs a lot of energy and determination


The word marathon comes from a Greek legend that tells the story of Pheidippides, who ran from the Plains of Marathon all the way to Athens in 490 BCE to spread the news of the Greeks’ victory over the Persian army. The running race based on the story was first introduced at the Olympic Games in 1896.


Marathon refers to a running race that stretches over 42 kilometres, or about 26 miles. Marathons require extensive training, sometimes lasting months, and completing a marathon is a significant accomplishment for most people. Marathons are held all over the world and the men’s marathon has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1896 (the women’s marathon event was added to the Olympics in 1984).

Most marathons are run on paved road courses, which are relatively straight and easy to navigate. Recently, ultra-marathons have become more popular.

These marathons are run on more difficult courses that combine paved surfaces and dirt roads, mountain trails or other rugged terrain. Ultra-marathon courses also cover longer distances than traditional marathons – some courses can be 160 kilometres or more.

Many marathon enthusiasts agree that the most gruelling marathon in the world is the Barkley Marathons, held each year in the woods of Tennessee in the United States. The Barkley Marathons course covers between 97 km (the ‘fun run’) and 160 km (the full course) and requires runners to climb roughly 16,500 metres, almost twice the height of Mount Everest, over a period of 60 hours. More than a thousand runners have attempted the Barkley Marathons and only 15 have finished, two of them more than once.

What are some sports you like watching? Why?
I like watching football, because it’s very fun and interesting.

What are some sports you dislike watching? Why?
I don’t watch box, it’s so uninteresting and unrelated.

Do you play any sports? If so, which ones?
Yes, I’m going to swimming and I love swim very much. Then I play volleyball in school and yard too.

Would you like to learn how to play a sport or do an activity? What would you like to learn?
I want to learn barba.

Why are sports so popular?

Do you know of any interesting or strange sports or activities?
Yes I know one interesting and strange sport style it’s Airteaching.

What two sports would you like to mix?
I want to mix volleyball and Airteaching.

Do you prefer to watch sports or play them? Why

What do you think is the most dangerous sport?
I think the most dangers sport is fight without rule.