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Vocabulary Questions

1. What does “good will” mean?
a) a kind, helpful, and friendly attitude
b) an attitude of independence
c) a happy, positive attitude
d) a calm attitude

2. What does “volunteer” mean?
a) a person who works for money
b) a person who works many extra hours for extra pay
c) a person who works for free doing something they think is important
d) a person who does not have a job

3. What does “value” mean?
a) to think something is expensive
b) to think something is very important and worth doing
c) to think something is not important
d) to think something is beautiful

Grammar Questions
1. She wants to improve this community for ________ us.
a) all
b) all of
c) of
d) everyone

2. The parents even publish a lovely letter ________ the local newspaper.
a) in
b) at
c) on
d) of

3. You cannot trust ________.
a) no one
b) someone
c) everyone
d) anyone

Comprehension Questions

1. What special kind of work does Sophia do?
She works as a volunteer. She has opened an educational center.

2. Why does Judy think Sophia has something to hide?
She thinks that it is impossible to teach kids for free.

3. In your opinion, why is it important not to harm a person of good will?
If someone wants to do something good, you should only encourage him, be thankful and value the work he does.

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