In Batumi

My family and I went to spend our holidays in Batumi last year. We stayed in a 5 star hotel. Every day we went to the sea and swam. Next we went to the cafe and ate tasty desserts and drank some juice. The cafe wasn’t far from the sea. In the evenings we went for a walk and played different games. One day we went fishing by ship. We went to the deepest sea. Our ship was very big. My father threw the fish-hook into the river and caught a big fish. We were scared and could not believe our eyes. It was a very big fish. The fish-hook was moving and my father had just pushed the fish hook, and the fish pushed the  fish-hook itself and the ship was moving. We were scared, but soon the sea began to flow very quickly and we set the fish-hook free and went away. So we had very good and scary holidays.


Թողնել պատասխան

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