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  1. Who is calling Lena?
    Boris is calling Lena.
  2. Why is Boris calling?
    Boris is calling because they are lost.
  3. Where is Boris?
    Boris is near the Cinema “Odeon”.
  4. Is the “Odeon” far from Lana’s house?
    Yes, the “Odeon” is rather far from Lena’s house.
  5. How did Boris and his friend get to the “Odeon”?
    They left the theatre in Green Street, came to the traffic lights and went up the street.
  6. Lena’s house is not far from the museum, is it?
    Yes, Lena’s house is near the museum.
  7. Does Lena live in a house oppisite the museum or opposite the theatre?
    Lena lives in a house opposite the museum.
  8. In what city do you think Lena lives?
    I think that Lena lives in London.


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